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The ultimate online tool for songwriters. Empower yourself, empower your songs!


get heard!

Revolutionize how your music gets
Pitched, Heard & Cut!

Whether you've written 10 songs or a 1,000 songs. Seasoned professional or enthusiastic dreamer. Songistry is a revolutionary song and data management system for songwriters, publishers, managers, music supervisors, or just about anybody looking to monetize their music. When a writer pitches a song individually, or via customized playlists for potential exploitations, that pitch will include lyrics, collaborator bio's, contact information, performing rights organization and publisher information (if available).


Write (or collaborate) on a new song, upload the mp3, lyrics, keep track of your collaborators, and use Songistry.com to have the most updated info on pitches, cuts, syncs, holds, and in what territories, terms, fees and song splits!


Songistry.com will allow every collaborator on a song to update every aspect of a song file. If any collaborator on a song updates mp3's, lyrics, cuts, syncs, holds or even pitches a song, all the collaborators will be notified. Get notified as to when songs and catalogs revert back to you. Input the data once, and let songistry.com's intuitive notifications engine remind you when a song or catalog needs your attention. It's like the personal assistant every songwriter needs.


Songistry.com's powerful search engine will allow members to search through their catalogs directly from the smartphone based on Title, Tags, Collaborators, Description, Publisher, Lyrics to create on the spot pitching of the perfect song for the perfect opportunity. Songistry.com will even have an integrated "who's looking list," for free!

Amazing Features

Take advantage of all features below included with your Platinum subscription

Upload MP3

  • Unlimited with Platinum membership
  • Upload multiple songs at once
  • Share lyrics with collaborators

Pitch Songs

  • Unlimited with Platinum membership
  • Get notified when songs are listened to or pitched
  • Pitch via mobile device


  • Platinum members can search their catalog by title, collaborator, tag, and lyrics
  • Search via mobile device


  • Manage your Cuts, Syncs
  • Manage your Holds


  • Get notified when collaborators update, pitch, or add you to a song.
  • Notifications can be emailed


  • Organize your songs into catalogs
  • Manage reversion dates by catalog
  • Pitch an entire catalog


Songistry is the best! Finally everything I need to organize my song catalog is in one place. This is going to make the life of a songwriter so much easier. Thank you Songistry!
Lindsey Ray
(Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato)

The number of meetings and sessions I've been in where I could have used and needed Songistry are countless. It's the ultimate songwriter, producer, publisher, manager and creative executive's assistant.
Evan Bogart
Songwriter/Producer, Publisher/Manager
(Beyonce, Rihanna)

Songistry is an incredible new tool for songwriters. It can easily replace a half-dozen different programs that I use on a daily basis, conveniently combining all my needs under one roof in the most intuitive way. Totally going to change how I organize my catalogue and run my business.
Matthew Tishler
(Ashley Tisdale, Austin & Ally, Lemonade Mouth)

Songistry.com is the new standard in organizing all my mp3's, lyrics and collaborator info all in one easy to search database right from my iPhone. I have actually been sitting in meetings, pitched my songs and gotten cuts on the spot in a matter of seconds because of songistry.com. I'll never go back to the old way of organizing my catalog again.
Justin Gray
(Mariah Carey, Joss Stone)

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions about our service? Send us an email: admin@songistry.com

Why do I need songistry.com?

Why is the sky blue? Simple...Organize, Optimize, Monetize your song catalog. Never miss another opportunity again to GET HEARD.

Do I give up any rights to my music?

Can we have whatever you're smoking? YOURS YOURS YOURS. Should we type it bigger? Remember...for Songwriters by Songwriters.

Who can see/hear my songs?

Nobody and everybody. It's up to you. Because we value our copyrights so dearly, it's incredibly important that people don't rip us off! You can keep your profile completely private, or completely public. Its totally your call. You can keep your profile private, but certain songs public. You can keep your profile public, but certain songs private. You can...you get the point. Oh...also, you can grant access to managers, publishers (whoever) to your tracks, so they can pitch for you.

I have Soundcloud/Dropbox etc…why is this different?

That's like saying I have a dog and a chair...they both have four legs. Soundcloud and Dropbox are great places to store and promote your mp3's. Songistry will not only keep a library of all of your songs, but all of the lyrics, collaborators, bio, contact info, manage your catalogs, publishers, PRO information, keep track of cuts, syncs and holds, as well as notify you when a collaborator pitches a song that you co-wrote. We're working on the "make you coffee" plugin too. (no we're not).

Does Songistry make money when I get a song placed?

Absolutely not! Songistry was designed by songwriters for songwriters. Just pay the small monthly membership cost and that's all. If we can help you connect the dots between your songs and someone that may want to use them, then we have done our job.

Is songistry.com a social network?

No way. We already have Facebook, Linked In and Twitter etc...Songistry is a web based service that will allow songwriters to keep track of everything related to their songs! In fact...there isn't even a messaging system (on purpose). However, collaborators can communicate with each other through shared songs via our super cool "tweaks" function. You can also share lyrics while in your writing session by using Songistry's built lyrics page as a word document. No more emailing lyrics back and forth.

What happens when I pitch songs through songistry.com?

You become a millionaire (hopefully)! Seriously it's so easy to use our pitching system. Simply scan your own catalog by tags, lyrics, collaborators, tempo, description, publisher, shoe size (ok...that last one isn't true), and then press the "pitch this" button next to as many songs as you want, then just send the "pitch list" you just created via email. Every song gets pitched with the MP3, Lyric Sheet, Collaborator information including Bio and contact information. We even have a "who's looking list" built in to the site!

Is there an app?

What is this...2010? Of course (sort of). There's a mobile version of the site, that when bookmarked onto your smart phone will look and function like an App. Everything (with exception to uploading MP3's) can be done from your smartphone, including creating song profiles, writing and sharing lyrics, adding collaborators etc... How many times have you sat across from someone looking for music, and you had the perfect song? Now instead of waiting until you get home to pitch that song, do it on the spot sending them MP3's, Lyric Sheets, Collaborator Bio's all from your smartphone.

Organize. Optimize. Monetize.

Revolutionize how your music gets pitched, heard & cut!